Tonight we ran our first ever Twitter chat with much anticipation. Will it be a massive flop, or is there a chance that it will be a success? Are people interested in sharing their ideas and learning from one another about authentic learning? The answer was a clear yes! Thank you to all who participated and shared their thoughts and answers to our questions. Here is a highlight of our discussion:

Question 1: What does authentic learning mean to you?

Question 2: What is an example of an authentic learning experience you’ve created in your classroom?

Question 3: How do you assess an authentic learning task?

Question 4: Does authentic learning have to be “real world?”

Question 5: Is Twitter an authentic learning experience?

Through this discussion there were clear themes that emerged as individuals shared what authentic learning means to them. By sharing classroom examples and discussing the assessment piece, it is clear that authentic learning experiences play an important role in today’s classroom. As a cumulative definition, authentic learning could be described as a relevant, real-world learning experience where students are engaged, excited, and take ownership of their learning in the search of answers to their questions. How will you continue to promote authentic learning experiences in your school and for your students?



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